Children’s Sabbath School Teacher

a ministry description for local church leaders



• Responsible to the Sabbath School division leader

• Relates closely with the children, their parents, and others on the leadership team.

• Ministry mission: Through the ministry of Sabbath School to help children know God, to hear God’s Word, and to respond appropriately to it.



The Sabbath School teacher plays a key role in achieving the ministry mission for Sabbath School and has the following responsibilities:

• Sits with the children assigned and learns their names.

• Relates to children in a loving, respectful manner.

• Notes missing members and gives their names to the mailing ministry leader.

• Calls children during the week to encourage and pray with them.

• Recognizes the children outside of class.

• Looks for opportunities to encourage children to accept Jesus; helps them start their own plan for daily devotions.

• Demonstrates a concern for child safety by filling out the volunteer ministry        information form and returning it when asked and by observing the guidelines for volunteers and caregivers.


To the Leader

• Attends division leadership meetings as called by the leader.

• Assists the leader with room organization/decoration, as asked.

• Adapts to the leadership and classroom management style of the leader.

• Attends Sabbath School regularly; notifies the leader when emergencies cause a change of plans.

• In Sabbath School; encourages children to get involved and complete activities described by the leader.

• Coaches a group of children; is not called upon to prepare a lesson or be an up-front lecturer.


To the Team

• Fills in where needed in an emergency.

• Supports the leader and other teachers.

• Accepts responsibility for one or more aspect of Sabbath School ministry, such as

• Record keeping: Maintaining and updating student card files; records visitor information and attendance.

• Welcoming ministry: Greeting kids at the door and helping them feel at home.

• Mail ministry: Sending absent member postcards or birthday cards.

• Hospitality ministry: Providing weekly snacks and organizing food for class potlucks and socials.

• Music ministry: Choosing songs, leading the singing and involving students in     special music.

• Family visitation ministry: Visiting assigned students in their homes.


To God

• Maintain a habit of daily personal prayer and Bible study.

• Model God’s grace in relationships within the class.

• Seeks to love and accept each child at all times.

• Expresses love for God by praying with the class and telling a personal salvation story—what God has done for them—and by “walking the talk.”

• Encourages the children to express their love for God in their everyday actions, by telling their stories and by praying with someone in need of prayer.


Time Commitment

Approximately 30 minutes to one hour per week.


Length of Commitment

One or two years, depending on the practice of the local church.



Basic children’s ministries certification (on-going classes).


1. Volunteer Ministry Qualifications

A Commitment to:

• Jesus Christ and to a growing personal relationship with Him.

• Christ-centered ministry to children.

• The Seventh-day Adventist Church and to its beliefs.

• A balanced Christian lifestyle.

• Teamwork.

• Cooperative ministry under the leadership of the pastor and church board.

• Personal growth and learning, continually upgrading methods and skills.

2. Special Qualifications

• An attitude of servant leadership.

• A passion for children and children’s ministries. 

• Leadership experience in a ministry to children.


Resource Materials

The following resources are recommended for your ministry. You can purchase these by calling AdventSource (800-328-0525), the Adventist Book Center (800-765-6955) or your local Christian bookstore.

Beyond the Edge, by Sarah Kelnhofer. Contains 52 mission stories from the front lines, plus a three-part activity section for children following each story.

How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus, by Donna Habenicht. A child development specialist explains how children develop spiritually and offers practical suggestions on how you can help children establish a lasting friendship with God.

Little Voices Praise Him. This delightful collection of 315 songs is part of the new GraceLink curriculum for Beginner and Kindergarten, but can be used in VBS, children’s church, and at home. Also available on CD.

Visit for

• A volunteer ministry information form and directions for its use.

• An electronic filing system for student information.

Visit for Sabbath School curriculum.                                         

Visit for a Children’s Ministries support network.


Visit AdventSource On-Line at for a complete list of the latest resources available for local church leaders. You can place an order or request a catalog by calling 1-800-328-0525.

For information about additional resources and answers to your questions call the Adventist Plusline at 1-800-732-7587 or visit them on-line at