Children’s Ministries Coordinator

a ministry description for local church leaders



• Responsible to the church board

• Relates closely with the Sabbath School council, children’s Sabbath School division teams, the VBS team, and all other children’s ministry teams.

• Ministry mission to coordinate all of the ministries for children; to recruit, screen, equip and support children’s leaders; to be an advocate for children; to be a liaison with the local conference for the sharing of information and data.



• Chairs the children’s ministries committee, made up of children’s Sabbath School division leaders, Vacation Bible School leader, children’s church leader, and other leaders of ministries for children.

• Represents the children’s ministries committee on both the Sabbath School council and the church board.

• Works with children’s leaders to develop a budget for each of their ministries, with a line item for each; presents the budget to the church treasurer and the church board.

• Takes an active interest in the strategic planning of the pastor and/or church board.

• Organizes a special program for children’s Sabbath, the first Sabbath of October.

• Distributes information and communications from the conference to all children’s leaders; collects information for reports and mails them to the conference.

• Oversees a permanent file of all children, with pertinent information both of church children and guests to outreach programs; shares the student files with ministry leaders who help update and maintain the record.

• Demonstrates a concern for child safety by personally completing the volunteer ministry information form and by allowing no person to work with children who has not already filled out the form and been approved; insists that guidelines for volunteers and caregivers be followed.


Coordination of Children’s Ministries

• Plans new programs as church resources permit, assigning both starting and ending dates for each.

• Develops with the CM committee a coordinated calendar of children’s ministry events for the entire year, distributing it to every family and leader in the church.

• Coordinates the ministries to children so that leaders see their ministry as part of a larger team, all working together for the good of the church’s children.

• Works with ministry leaders to clarify the goals of each ministry.


Managing Volunteers in Children’s Ministries

• Recruits volunteers, such as leaders, assistant leaders, teachers, and support staff, for the various ministries; has prospective volunteers fill out the volunteer ministry information form.

• With ministry leaders, screens volunteers by evaluating written applications and by interviewing prospective volunteers.

• Equips volunteers by encouraging them to attend conference training events and complete their children’s ministries basic certification; provides adequate resources, materials, and equipment.

• Encourages ministry leaders to mentor and lead their team members.

• Mentors a promising leader into the role of children’s coordinator.


Selecting Children’s Curriculum

• Encourages ministry leaders to use Seventh-day Adventist materials produced by the General Conference, where available.

• Reviews and evaluates support resources for content and general suitability.

• Makes selections in consultation with the ministry leader, and presents the selection for a vote of the children’s ministries committee and/or the church board.


Time Commitment

Approximately 10-15 hours per week.


Length of Commitment 

One or two years, depending on the practice of the local church.



• Basic children’s ministries certification (strongly recommended).

• Advanced children’s ministries certification (on-going).

• Leadership training (on-going).

• Volunteer management seminar (recommended).



1. Volunteer Ministry Qualifications

A commitment to:

• Jesus Christ and to a growing personal relationship with Him.

• Christ-centered ministry to children.

• The Seventh-day Adventist Church and to its beliefs.

• A balanced Christian lifestyle.

• Teamwork.

• Cooperative ministry under the leadership of the pastor and church board.

• Personal growth and learning, continually upgrading methods and skills.

2. Special Qualifications

• An attitude of servant leadership.

• A passion for children and children’s ministries. 

• Leadership experience in a ministry to children.



The following resources are recommended for your ministry. You can purchase these by calling AdventSource (800-328-0525), the Adventist Book Center (800-765-6955) or your local Christian bookstore.

Christ Wise Discipleship Guide for Juniors and ChristWise Discipleship Guide for Teens (earliteens), by Troy Fitzgerald.

Come Meet Jesus Child Evangelism Kit. Everything you need to plan 27 programs for children, including music videos, theme videos, music CDs, and guidebook–designed especially for use in child evangelism meetings and can be used for children’s church, neighborhood Bible clubs, VBS follow-up.

How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus, by Donna Habenicht.  A child development specialist explains how children develop spiritually and offers practical suggestions on how you can help children establish a lasting friendship with God.

Visit for

• A volunteer ministry information form and directions for its use.

• An electronic filing system for student information.

Visit links to for Sabbath School curriculum.                

Visit for a children’s ministries support network.


Visit AdventSource On-Line at for a complete list of the latest resources available for local church leaders. You can place an order or request a catalog by calling 1-800-328-0525.

For information about additional resources and answers to your questions call the Adventist Plusline at 1-800-732-7587 or visit them on-line at