Imani Praise Fellowship Podcasts

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Date Title Presenter
2011-10-14 Power to the People Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-09-16 Soul Food Dr Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-09-09 The gift nobody wanted Pastors Kurt & Andrea King Play
2011-09-02 The parting gift Dr. Andrea King Play
2011-08-26 The Gift Dr. Andrea King Play
2011-08-19 When the bold become broken and the broken become bold Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2011-08-12 Poison Control Dr. Andrea King Play
2011-08-05 The questions Pastor Courtney Ray Play
2011-07-29 Health, the original gift Elder Joseph Fortune Play
2011-07-22 God's Property Dr. Andrea King Play
2011-07-15 Heart check Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-07-08 Spies like us Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-07-01 The danger of incorrect perceptions Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2011-06-17 Flowbusters pt.2 Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-06-10 Dig the ditches Dr Terry Bryan Play
2011-06-03 Flowbusters Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-05-27 Hustle & Flow Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-05-20 Undercover Brother Dr Andrea Trusty-King Play
2011-05-13 My Sister's Keeper Dr. Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-05-06 Hell no! Elder Joseph Fortune Play
2011-04-30 My name is victory Dr. Andrea King Play
2011-04-22 Ultimate Makeover Pastor Andrea King Play
2011-04-15 Who's Your Daddy Pastor Andrea Trusty-King Play
2011-04-08 Born Identity Pastor Andrea King Play
2011-04-01 Water Walkers Pastor Kurt King Play
2011-03-25 Flow of abundance - pt.3 Pastor Andrea King Play
2011-03-18 Flow of abundance - pt.2 Pastor Andrea Trusty-King Play
2011-03-11 Counting the cost of accounting to God Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2011-03-05 Flow of Abundance Pastor Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-03-06 He's not heavy, he's my brother Pastor Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-02-18 Praying God's Word Pastor Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-02-11 Prayer's Partner Pastor Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-02-04 Power of agreement Pastor Andrea Trusty King Play
2011-01-28 Forward on our knees Pastor Andrea Trusty-King Play
2011-01-21 It's the Yoke! Pastor Sheldon Bryan Play
2011-01-07 When God stretches our comfort zone Pastor David Richardson Play
2010-12-31 The Christ centered ministry and minister Pastor David Richardson Play
2010-11-29 Leeks & Onions Committee Joseph Fortune Play
2010-11-22 November_20_-_Sermon.wav Play
2010-11-07 The Mis-Education of a Christian Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2010-11-07 Do you know what time it is? Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2010-10-08 Successful spiritual lives in secular societies Pastor Sheldon Bryan Play
2010-10-12 Spiritual Phenotype Joseph Fortuner Play
2010-09-17 We made a mistake We made a mistake Play
2010-09-03 What are you tied to? Pastor David Richardson Jr. Play
2010-07-30 Your Mission Play
2010-08-06 The Journey to success tour Pastor David Richardson Jr Play
2010-07-23 When prayer changes your circumstance Pastor David Richardson Jr. Play
2010-07-16 Do you want to be made whole? Joseph Fortune Play
2010-07-02 The Ten Rules of Love Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2010-06-20 Daddy's little girl Pastor David Richardson Play
2010-06-11 How to have a meaningful worship experience Pastor David Richardson Jr. Play
2010-06-04 How to deal with setbacks and discouragements Pastor David Richardson Jr. Play
2010-05-28 Remember Pastor Rowland Nwosu Play
2010-05-21 Fill the water pots Pastor Ken Staggs Play
2010-05-14 What's love got to do with it? Michael Ashley Play
2010-05-07 Where is love? David Johnson Play
2010-04-16 April 17 - 2010 Dr. George King Play
2010-04-23 With you always Pastor Sheldon Bryan Play
2010-04-09 Sovereign Pastor Sheldon Bryan Play
2010-04-06 The great passover Pastor R.Nwosu Play
2010-03-31 Watchman, what of the night? Joseph Fortune Play
2010-03-30 I've got class Pastor Sheldon Bryan Play
2010-03-15 Light Bearers Don Butler Play
2010-03-08 Break Your Fallow Ground Dr. Rowland Nwosu Play
2010-02-28 God are you in control? Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2010-02-22 Yet.. Dr. Roo McKenzie Play
2010-02-07 Blame Shifters Megan McGlover Play
2010-01-31 Perfect faith: from cymbals to salvation Pastor Anthony Drummond Play
2010-01-24 We are witnesses III Dr. Nwosu Play
2010-01-21 Training - pt 2 Pastor A.Drummond Play
2010-01-21 Training - pt 1 Pastor S.Bryan Play
2010-01-21 Messages to overcomers: Wake up! Pastor S.Bryan Play
2010-01-21 We are witnesses Pastor R.Nwosu Play